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Derick Kulibaba

Certified NCCP Level 5 Boxing Coach

I am a qualified and accredited international boxing trainer with over 70 amateur fights including Golden Gloves titles. During the 40+ years in the sport, I've trained boxers to compete at all the major tournaments such as the Olympic Games, the World Championships, The Francophonie Games, the Commonwealth Games, as well as the PanAm Games.  On a more local level, I am the founder of Titans Boxing club and have been running it for more than 35 years. Titans Boxing club did not only create Golden Gloves champions and National Champions but also helped the community create a home away from home for our youth.  

KULIBOX & Boxing

Kulibox is a training method I've developed.  It's the internal fortitude it takes to compete in boxing. 

It's a body fitness system that incorporates boxing techniques such as skipping, combination punches, speed bag movements as well as boxing movements known to boxers called "bobbing and weaving". All of this done in the context of interval training also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Kulibox is a mindset ... a way of life ... you will adopt it as your own cause it just feels right ... you will feel there is no other way than the Kulibox way.



Classes are 40-50 minutes of extremely high intensity boxing and body weight movements intermixed with active rest periods.  This method I've created works on improving your metabolism so that at rest, your body becomes a fat burning machine.

I will make you better than you were before ... better ... stronger ... faster !



The workout of the week can be used for days where you want a change from the class format. This will help you focus on your boxing technique while working on muscular endurance.

We will build total-body strength and endurance as well as increase muscle definition with dynamic, high-rep exercises.



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